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How to change a Tap Seal on a Coffee Machine

Once again we thought changing a Tap seal would be a valuable video to provide for our customers. In the video below, Martin Richards talks you through the process.
For the video we have used the ECM Mechanika Slim espresso machine, however this video will apply to all similar high end domestic prosumer machines in the Bella Barista range.


*22m Spanner or appropriate sized spanner.
*Secondary Spanner to offer resistance to prevent the tap rotating.
*Sellotape / Cloth to protect the chromed Tap Assembly.
*Small Flat Screwdriver or similar to prize Seal.
*Food Safe Silicone Grease / Molykote etc.


Purchase relevant items from Bella Barista

*9mm Tap Seal
*12mm Tap Seal
*Food Safe Silicone Grease