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E61 Brew Group

E61 is the name of an espresso machine brought to market in 1961 by the Italian company Faema. This machine brought in a new era of espresso makers.

Not only was the E61 the first heat exchanger machine, meaning that fresh water was used for making espresso instead of boiler water. It was also the first to integrate a pump to create pressure rather than using a hand operated lever.

Since 1961 and for many years the E61 became the industry standard.  Its popularity, simplistic looking design became iconic. It has now achieved legendary status. The brew group itself weighs in at 4 to 5kg. The E61 is made of solid brass. The heat exchanger and a Thermosyphon system circulate hot water through the brew group, keeping it constantly heated.

The significance of the E61 brew group is the mechanism in the brew head which allows for the pre-infusion of the grounds. Through this pre-infusion water is directed slowly and with subdued pressure into the portafilter. All this is regulated by a pre-infusion cylinder in the brew head, causing pressure to rise slowly. Water permeates the coffee and the coffee flavours can develop due to the slow welling of the grounds.

Brew group technology has advanced since the E61, but the E61 still holds this famous status, traditional, iconic design, simplicity to use and ability to pre-infuse that leads to a perfect espresso. As a result E61 groups have become a desirable piece in a single group coffee machine for high end home use.


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