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A commonly asked question here at Bella Barista is how to change a group head gasket.

Please view the video below by Technical Manager Martin Richards at Bella Barista.

The video uses the ECM Mechanika Slim coffee machine. This is an an E61 group espresso machine, as the E61 is considered the industry standard and used in the majority of the commercial specification domestic machines we sell.

We also recommend replacing a standard rubber gasket. in your E61 with a Cafelat 8mm Gasket (Red) or 8.5mm Gasket (Blue).
Most of the time both of the Cafelat gaskets will fit E61 group head machine. People buy the blue if they prefer the handle locking a little sooner. Over time as your group wears a little you may switch from a red 8mm to a blue 8.5m gasket.

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