German engineering at it’s finest!

When describing ECM and Profitec machines we often compare them to owning a german car because of their precision engineering and quality. So when we went to visit them in Heidelberg it came to no surprise to us to see the perfectly laid out factory, with pristine work benches and exacting layouts of tools and machine parts.

We at Bella Barista pride ourselves on being a family run business at the heart of it all. So when our founders, Marcel Binley and Claudette Porter (brother and sister) went to visit ECM/Profitec they were humbled to see the same. Marcel likened the trip to visiting extended family overseas. The warm reception they received along with copious amounts of laughter made them feel straight at home.

Whilst visiting the factory they also had the pleasure of viewing the coffee machine museum ECM and Profitec have created in one of their old factories. “Filled floor to ceiling with antique machines, it’s clear to see the appreciation this german company has with its Italian heritage, constantly paying homage to it’s roots, only elevating it with german craftsmanship,” says Claudette.

Touring the factory in heidelberg, Claudette and Marcel were able to see the new Profitec 400 through every step of their journey.

Profitec and ECM’s dedication to provide domestic espresso machines to the upmost design and quality makes them some of the best products we’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Visiting their factory further fuelled our passion to these brands and we are so happy to partner with them and offer a large range of them to you in the UK.



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