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Dual Boiler System

Dual Boiler Coffee Machine A dual boiler machine has one boiler used for brewing coffee and one for withdrawing steam and hot water. Both boilers are independent from one another…

Heat Exchanger System Inside an Espresso Machine

HEAT EXCHANGER SYSTEM INSIDE AN ESPRESSO MACHINE An espresso machine with heat exchanger system is a machine with two water circulation systems. Since the boiler is not completely filled with…

Heat Exchanger

The Heat Exchanger It’s good to start with a definition: A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between a solid object and a fluid, or between two or more fluids….

E61 Brew Group Head

E61 is the name of an espresso machine brought to market in 1961 by the Italian company Faema. This machine brought in a new era of espresso makers.

The Rotary Pump

The Rotary pump is more powerful alternative to the vibration pump and used more for commercial coffee applications.

Vibration Pump

The vibration pump was launched in the early 70’s by Ulka Co. Since it is much less expensive than a rotary pump, espresso makers for home-use became more affordable.