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  • A Joyce says:

    Only had the Lelit Bianca for a couple of days but already in love. The temperature stability from the dual boiler and Gicar PID is pulling out flavours I’ve never tasted before in espresso and it’s very exciting! Some fantastic results from early fumbles with the flow profiling paddle – I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with this stunningly engineered machine. It pairs fantastically with the Sette 270W – I was never able to get the best out of this grinder with my beloved Gaggia Classic but with the Bianca it’s a match made in heaven – consistent fluffy grinds with near-zero retention, all beautifully extracted by the Lelit. I’m delighted with this setup – thanks again BB!

  • Luis says:

    Wow, that looks like a perfect espresso corner! Where did you get your Sette 270W from? @BB any chance of stocking that grinder? 🙂

    • Bella Barista says:

      The Sette 270 is a good versatile grinder allowing you to switch to course cafetiere. At that price point we recommend the Eureka Specialita with it’s true stepless grind adjustment for the espresso machines we sell.

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