Rocket R58 and Eureka Atom Coffee Grinder

Inside the machine is built to a high standard the angled brew boiler and overall build quality scores highly with the Bella Barista technicians.  *Please view the R58 time lapse assembly video.

The Rocket R58 is the flag ship dual boiler, semi automatic E61 coffee machine.  This means you have two separate boilers. One for steam and one for brewing the espresso. This allows the user to do both simultaneously with little affect over one or the other. With two separate boilers operate at two different temperatures and can be controlled more precisely with a (PID) digital display that connects to the machine, achieving more consistency with your espresso.

The Atom Espresso Grinder is very quite in operation and with 60mm burrs (Height: 440 mm, Width: 180 mm, Depth: 227 mm). It produces a smooth consistent grind and easy usable led interface.
Look out for the new Atom 65 and 75 coming soon from Eureka.

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