Bella Barista and The Roastery Report on Host, Milano 2017 – The Coffee Halls.

We are delighted to bring back info from Host Exhibition 2017 – Coffee Halls. With an overwhelming amount of coffee news to report we have split it down to specific manufacturers below with images of the stands and feature products.


The New Mignon

New DiamondInside Burrs

This was the first stand that we paid a visit to, the atmosphere was buzzing and the team were very keen to see our first reaction to their “Face Lift” Mignon grinder.  We had previously told Eureka not to alter this grinder in any way shape or form as we felt that for the price, it was as good as it could get however, against our better judgement a new model has been produced – well three to be exact and WOW – it’s even better!  There will be a basic model which is more or less as it already is….phew but slightly larger to accommodate the new burrs.  Then there is the “Speciality” and the “Perfetto” both offering digital displays and options of 50 or 55mm burrs, chrome or black trim, super silent and a more precise dial.  To add to all this choice, they are also offering “DiamondInside” precision burrs as an extra, these will offer a lifetime of grinding in a domestic environment.   

The Atom range has now been expanded to include the “Atom Brew Pro” which is specifically for brew only grinds, a great addition to coffee outlets which would like a designated brew grinder that’s compact, stylish and easy to use.  These new models will not be available until 2018 however we hope to receive a new Mignon before Christmas to review.



The New Mechanika Slim

New Profitec 600

ECM – this was showcasing all their great range of machines, most of which we already stock however we did see the new Mechanika Slim which is their popular Mechanika model made with a smaller footprint (around 4cm narrower).  This has been achieved by using a vibration pump rather than a Rotary but all the ECM quality features have remained like the group head, handles, gauges and stainless-steel boiler.  For a Vibration pump it’s extremely quiet and for those who have limited work top space but still want quality, then this will be the perfect option. We already have this machine on order and hope to receive in time for Christmas.
The flagship Synchronika dual boiler now has the optional side panels.
With white and dark grey finish to match the chassis pictured.


PROFITEC – The main winner on this stand was their new Profitec 600 – based on their popular 700 dual boiler, PID machine this model has now been produced with a vibration pump to make it more cost effective.  Still giving the Profitec temperature accuracy, shot timer and stainless-steel boiler, this machine will be around £200 less so our intention is to offer this machine, with a grinder for under £2000. This will be available for 2018.


The New Porta Via

New R9 One / Mini

Rocket Espresso
As the main UK domestic retailer for Rocket Espresso Coffee Machines, this was a top priority visit for us. We also heard and wanted to confirm rumours of a new portable flight case style machine, The Rocket Porta Via. There was also talk of a new single saturated group espresso machine called the R9 One or Mini. Both these new additions of the Rocket domestic range are at extreme ends and will probably not not appeal to everyone but will be the perfect answer to certain coffee lovers needs from a domestic espresso machine.

Rocket Espresso Porta Via
Taking centre stage at the Rocket Stand at Host was the Rocket Porta Via. Pictured Below. Lauded as the “The Worlds first truly portable espresso machine”. It’s certainly striking and very different to all other offerings at Host.
It’s a self contained tweaked E61 group espresso machine that’s encased into a flight case. With the accessories stored in the top part of the flight case, including the water reservoir container that’s screwed onto the top of the machine. At approx 20 kilos, it will not be everyone’s idea of portable, but there could be travel situations where a good quality espresso wouldn’t go a miss. With Rocket Espresso, it ticks all the boxes, exquisite design, high quality build and finish that we have all come to expect. It has a element that allows quick heat up. We also thought the Land Rover or car journey adventurer who could possibly connect it to the cars 12v power socket would be a strong reason to go for something like this machine. This is one of the first things we will test when we receive our first shipment.

Like all good inventions the idea was to simply fulfil a need. In this case to travel with as a companion during hotel stays.


Rocket R9 One / Mini
I must admit, this machine really took me by surprise. First of all was the Rocket saturated group and paddle which reminds me instantly of a La Marzocco Strada 2 Group, we have back at the Bella Barista Coffee Roastery.
The fact it was a single group machine and could potentially be the ultimate high end home machine had me excited. It also had me wondering, could this machine take on the likes of the La Marzocco Linea Mini and Gs3?
The exterior build quality was impressive. The chassis had two large cross beams, that made the machine look very strong and robust on large circular stainless steel feet, similar to the Rocket Appartamento.
As i was processing the exterior looks, i was taken back when the barista started using the machine. The simplicity of the PID display, giving instant feedback, plotting the profile on screen when the espresso shot was extracting was incredible maxing at 12bar of pressure. This is something I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time on a domestic profile machine. It then got me thinking, this could finally be a machine that can do justice to a lever profile and again fit on most peoples kitchen worktops.
Once the shot extraction is done,  you then have the option to save that profile and use it again at a touch of a button. So creating your profile with ease and consistently using it time after time. Incredible!
The side mounted lever steam handle from the commercial  R9 machine is a great touch along with the long steam arm. I’m not sure what the steam boiler capacity is, but the steam was fierce.  I could go on at great lenght about this machine however i will have to wait and give a full report in March when we hope to receive one at the Bella Barista showroom and offices.

R9 One / Mini Impression by Marko – Bella Barista


To recap, our first impressions of both the Porta Via and R9 One machines are well received. We think they will be strong worthy additions to the Rocket Espresso domestic range. The R9 One or Mini looks on first accounts to be significant advance for the home barista. In every aspects a real game changer with its commercial pump, saturated group and responsive pressure profile capability. We look forward to giving you full video reviews early 2018.


Play Video - Rocket Porta Via


The New PK Range

The Compak stand was buzzing! As they were sharing a stand with Alpha Dominche (Steampunk brew) and Slayer Espresso. We had to go back to the stand the next morning to speak about the exciting new PK Line of coffee grinders.
Their stunning line of PK grinders (available in white, black, grey and pastel colours) instantly attracted us. International Manager Montse Ibern, our main contact for Bella Barista went through the finer details of the range.
The new PK line features three models with built-in grind-by-weight technology. The PKF and PKE models have 83-millimeter burrs and 800-watt motors, while the PKR has 100-millimeter burrs and a 935-watt motor. With larger flat burrs than Compak’s on-demand grinders, the PK machines are ideal for high production and high extraction yield.
The PKR with its larger grind adjustment (compared to the PKE and PKR) is designed to be versatile allowing the barista to go from a fine espresso grind to a coarse filter grind, with little retention of coffee.

Overall the new PK weight mechanism was really good to see. Montse demonstrated setting the tare weight of the handle weight first, then setting the weight to grind within 0.1 gram! It was remarkably quick, precise and  sensitive.

The PK line will be available in January 2018.

LELIT – This is not a brand which we currently stock however their name has been mentioned enough for us to pay their stand a visit – and we are pleased we did! Not only can they offer an affordable entry level E61 heat exchanger machine which we will be picking one up shortly to review, but a new machine with a lever and pressure gauge on the E61 group head to allow you to adjust the pressure.  This won’t be available until mid way through 2018 but we are definitely keeping our eye on this model!!!

RENEKA – this is a brand that was new to us, made in the Alsace region by a German company, their range includes a unique patented group head which eliminates the need to tamp. An attractive “heart” shape which takes a non-standard size porta filter handles, it means that multiple people can operate the machine and achieve the same results as tamping is variant from person to person making shots different.  We liked the quality which was evident in the manufacture from the on/off buttons to the sliding steam and hot water controls.  Still in the development stage, their high end domestic/light commercial machine will be on our list to review.  Their range extended right up to commercial machines including a counter sunk two group machine which is now popping up with many of the manufacturers.  Although very pricey, we can see this concept being used in high end coffee shops and brew bars. 



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